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Bean Bag Beans Top Up Floppy - Replacement Beans

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 If you are looking to buy bean bag filling to either fill a new unfilled bag or to refill existing bean bags, then you need the 'Top-Up Floppy'.  With an existing bag after a period of time and depending upon the amount of use, you may find that it doesn't seem as comfortable and supportive as it once did. This is probably because the beans have been compressed or the fabric has relaxed. The top-up floppies will solve the problem.


To top-up simply remove the floppy from the transport packaging, unzip the beanbag and throw in the floppy complete. You'll find that it gives your bag a new lease of life bringing the comfort back. There is no need to empty the beans from the net sack.  It is designed to be inserted whole.

For your safety all of our floppies contain flame retardant polystyrene beans.  We strongly advise that you do not remove the beans from the net sack. This is a safety measure to help prevent children from swallowing the filling. Also, if your beanbag should sustain some damage in the future, it will help prevent filling from escaping.

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