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Sherwood Bean Bag Ingot

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As featured on 60 minute make over

The ingot puts an unusual spin on the bean bag. A generous disc of comfort that, by removing beans, can be moulded into a number of shapes. Throw it on to its side and it becomes a very unusual yet comfortable chair!!  Remember, when it's on it's side, "Less is more!".

Less beans = more spread = more comfort.

Play with it....we think you'll love it!

Made from a high quality 'Easy Clean', Fire Retardant Faux Leather Vinyl. The Ingot has a covered zipped section allowing ease of access to the removable *bean sacs.

This gives longevity to your furniture by allowing you to put in top up bags.

BE WARNED! It's BIG!! Please ensure that you have measured the space.

Small      Diamter 70cm x 40cm(1ft 4")

Medium Diameter 90cm(3ft) x 40cm(1ft 4")

Large     Diameter 110cm x 40cm(1ft 4")

X Large Diameter 130cm x 40cm(1ft 4")

(* Includes a 2 cubic foot “Top Up” sack with this product which gives the option of a firmer bag or it can be stored to top up the bag at a later date.)


 *Dimensions quoted are those of the flat manufactured bag.  Once the bag is filled the dimensions will vary dependant upon the amount of filling and outer materials used.

Available Colours:

Faux Leather Bean Bag Colour Black


Faux Leather Bean Bag White Colour


Faux Leather Bean Bag Cream colour


Faux Leather Bean Bag Green Colour


Faux Leather Bean Bag Royal Blue Colour

Royal Blue

Faux Leather Bean Bag Navy Blue Colour

Navy Blue

Faux Leather Bean Bag Orange Colour


Faux Leather Bean Bag Pink Colour


Faux Leather Bean Bag Red Colour


Faux Leather Bean Bag Chocolate Brown Colour

Chocolate Brown

Faux Leather Bean Bag Yellow Colour

Sunflower Yellow