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The Feeding Friend

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The Feeding Friend

With pregnancy and subsequent motherhood comes a new world of responsibilities and decisions and when it comes down to feeding your baby, many women opt to breastfeed their baby. This is an important choice as it maximises the benefits to the baby in terms of nutrition, bonding and health protection for mother and baby. But it can often be a difficult time when faced with sore nipples impatient babies and back and neck discomfort.

One of the primary factors in helping women to continue with breastfeeding is the ability to find a comfortable and practical position for feeding baby. Although some women may not have a problem, many find that when they get home they're all fingers and thumbs and in search of that third hand that was previously provided by their midwife. Breastfeeding cushions can make the experience easier and make the difference between successful nursing and quitting altogether. The Feeding Friend can be a lifesaver as it provides support for baby resulting in better attachment and improves posture for Mum.

Made from flame retardant cotton. The feeding friend has an easily removed cover allowing ease of access to the removable beanbag. The inner beanbag is made from waterproof breathable material. This makes for ease of cleaning.


Single 140cm x 40cm

Twin 170cm x 40xcm

*The dimensions quoted are those of the flat manufactured bag. Once the bag is filled the dimensions will vary dependant upon the amount of filling and amount of use. Materials will relax with use, having the effect of the bag's footprint becoming larger. Should you need any advice, please do not hesitate to email us.

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